Claymore Sidecar

Ships in 1-15 business days

Currently Unavailable

The Claymore Sidecar (patent pending). Move over concealed Glock 17. Seriously, move over. Because that appendix carry is prime real-estate for the M18A1 Claymore Directional AP Mine. This takes the place of the Close Retention Shooting perk, as it will auto trigger if an enemy player comes within melee distance.

Two words: BALL BEARINGS. They gonna get ya, so make sure you follow the instructions and always FACE TOWARD ENEMY. At least one of you will get this wrong (press “F” to pay respects) so we have to cover ourselves with that disclaimer.

The Claymore is the primary. The Glock is the secondary. You’ll likely want to use it for “forced respawn” after halving yourself by improperly seating the Claymore.

Made out of 0.80 kydex, this vacuum formed holster from the heavens has a 100% chance of working 15% of the time. Pistol sets at a 40 degree angle to curve around your hip (if you’re skinny enough) and helps tuck the Claymore into the body so it prints less.

The Claymore Sidecar comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, which we guarantee will last longer than you typically do in a Gulag match. Currently only available for Glock 17/19s. We might release more variants in the future if… no, actually we won’t. Currently only available in the right hand configuration and we plan to keep it that way too. Email complaints will go unread, but feel free to waste your time.

Developed by Cardoen of Chile, perfected on the flat range with NoBoDy ShOoTiNg BaK, the Claymore contains 626 grams of boom, surrounded by 607 ball bearings that propel in a 60 degree arc of fire with a 50m range. Talk about an AOE. Git Gotted.

Pro Tip: Run the Dead Silence perk to mask the “click” sound of planting a Claymore. Enemies won’t know what hit them from 40ft away. Just kidding – they will. And they will rage quit.