13.7 SCAR 16 PEQ-15 Setup

One of the main issues with the SCAR series of rifles, is setting them up with lasers. The folding front sight always seems to get in the way. This particular setup works very well however. A Kinetic Development or Midwest Industries extended rail allows the laser unit to be mounted out near the muzzle and lower in relation to the optic.

The problem with running a shorter extended rail is that you can’t have the front sight stowed AND the laser mounted. So the front sight has to be in the upright position, or… simply folded onto the PEQ. I shot this configuration for a few hours and the front sight never popped up. It’s a pretty slick setup. Although it triggers a lot of people’s OCD. haha

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SCAR 17 with Leupold MK8 CQBSS

Finding the right optic for a Scar 17 DMR build can be tricky. The Leupold MK8 CQBSS is a pretty awesome option. It’s also rated for the unique delayed Scar 17 recoil. The CQBSS is also pretty easy to run up close on 1.1 power.

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Night Vision Equipment

The amount of technology on the market for night vision operations is pretty amazing. We’re obviously big fans of night vision here at T.REX ARMS.

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Surefire Begins Shipping the XH30

Here at T.Rex Arms, the Surefire X300 is our favorite all-around pistol light. It may not be the smallest, the cheapest, or even the brightest light on the market, but it wins on overall features and ergonomics. Earlier this year, Surefire improved on the X300 with the XH35, which increased the brightness from 600 to 1000 lumens, and added switches to control new low-light and strobe modes.

Unfortunately, it also had a new, much wider “Maxvision” beam pattern. When using the XH35, those extra 400 lumens seem to be spread down by your feet instead of being thrown downrange towards your target. Floodlights can have certain advantages over spotlights, but we prefer a much tighter, more focused weapon light.

That’s why we’ve been looking forward to seeing this new XH30 light, which promises to combine the fancy new features of the XH35 with the tightly-focused light beam of the X300. Surefire announced that the XH30 has begun shipping this week, and we’re looking forward to running it through its paces to see if it can replace the X300 as our new overall favorite pistol light.

The XH30 is compatible with Surefire’s Masterfire holster, which means it will also work with our XH35 Ragnarok, and our upcoming XH35 Sidecar.

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Range Day With Suppressed MCX

Last week I took my 11.5 gen 1 MCX for a spin. Since it’s outfitted with a Surefire Closed Tine flash hider, I ran my new 556 RC2.

While the MCX has an adjustable piston, I left it on the default setting and went to town. The rifle ran fine, but spat the brass very forward of the ejection port. Since this gun isn’t always suppressed, I’m leaving it on the default un-suppressed setting. I was curious to see how it would perform once a suppressor was on without changing anything.

I ran some shooting on the move reps at a decent pace. Single IPSC target at 10 yards. Moving in width firing 5-6 rounds per movement. The weapon barely recoils, so it’s pretty easy to keep everything in the A zone.

I then polished the day off with some barricade work. Shooting multiple C zone steel targets from each port to get some target transitioning done. Target transitioning while standing perfectly upright with no cover/barricade is pretty easy. Once you throw in some ports, awkward shooting positions, and wide target placement… it gets much more challenging.

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Parker Mountain Machine and Tool BCD

If you’re into speeding up how fast you can manipulate your rifles, you’ve probably seen the Magpul BAD levers and similar devices. If you’re running a SCAR or MCX rifle, you can get ambi bolt releases from Parker Mountain Machine and Tool. It’s built like a tank (as far as ambi bolt locks go), and is a welcome addition to my SCARs.

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